Dish Network is Hell

Dish is Hell


DIsh Network Headquarters


Once upon a time there was a battle of digital networks. It is compiled of various services, each one specializing in something aiming for max appeal to its target buyer. Among these, I have had good and bad experiences, I have had semi-satisfying, and I have had service bad enough that I felt the need to express myself, or it could possibly result in years of therapy. I will not express each individual problem I had, that would, in fact, fill a novel; I will summarize the general concepts of the company from the perspective of client to service supplier.

It began with the initial representative not properly offering the service. He did not supply the information needed to utilize the service they would be giving us, did not take proper procedure when it came to informing policy of *renting to the household renter as opposed to owner* AKA they decided to drill many holes into my landlords house without informing me that he may not appreciate it or better yet, the fact that he wouldn’t want it in a noticeable area because he maintains property and where do they put it? Front roof crooked as a person’s nose that has been broken one too many times. If there was an installation job that screamed I don’t care how it looks; he might as well have used my bathroom and not flushed while he was at it because the lack of professional etiquette could not be put on a rating scale on account that it wouldn’t describe the details well enough.

Upon the lack of information of installation policy comes the fraudulent contract with forged signatures of my name all throughout, (which led to their losing case of keeping my business might I add) of me agreeing to all the fine print. For those unaware of that terminology, that is the small wording that explains how a company intends to take the household item of lubrication and put it to use on very uncomfortable areas should you not pay them and hold up to your end of “said contract” Upon receiving the email of my contract and seeing my signature, I was impressed that they seem to be employing elementary schools to have their kindergarten classes practice writing their clients names on their contracts, I will say at least it served an educational purpose.


Then there comes the hidden fees, the offered promotions that seem to come with “X” amount of time until it begins to be charged, which, in reality, is really as long as they feel necessary and then try sneaking it onto your bill. Upon calling and inquiring about this, they were happy to resolve the billing error.

Within all these issues came customer service calls. Now I know some of us may be strongly against the robotic phone answer systems; I am in very high agreement with this collaborated thought, however, when it comes to a majority of dish representatives, these machines offer more than does the average representative. Supervisors on a power trip on will try to loophole you through transfers in hope you simply give up, *BUZZ* wrong. It might work on a person with money to spare and move on, not on someone whose counting dimes, so naturally, I rose hell. If you truly want answers, Dish Executive Support, who supervisors will not give the number out to saying they are not allowed, which is completely a lie, so provided for people who suffer dealing with these no brain nitwits 303-942-8605, that is your gateway to solution.

*keep in mind I’m generalizing on my own experience, not all dish personal are bad, but from my perspective and most common result, they have been awful, rude, lazy, and based on my experience, I’m entitled to my opinion*

I found that number to lead to primarily helpful individuals. They have the power to bend things and actually make adjustments and compensation. Whereas the other customer support line will simply say, “I understand what you feel, and I’m sorry you feel it” and then listen to you breathe. Now, if I have even a minute problem, giving me that reverse psychology, basic response should only lead to one single result, and that is my getting very angry. Time is valuable to everyone. I don’t care if all day all you do is sit there and watch Dr. Phil, wasted time trying to solve a problem on the phone with a representative whose primary goal is to get you off the phone with him….it’s a frustration no one should have to endure. A mist the many problems I faced I heard that statement several times, and when I stated if I’m valued as a customer for all this inconvenience what can be done to justify it? Answer: Breathing. I actually offered to look into another service provider, and I have the supervisor from their line on recording because I do record phone calls, telling me I should.

The light at the end of the tunnel. I lasted with Dish for a months time. I had countless problems, horrendous customer service, and even getting out of the contract was made a hassle. There will never be a time I will consider or promote them as a provider. They are hell. They are The stinging image of a bird that sits atop a tree and poops on the world. That should be their company slogan. Avoid them. For the sake of caring about your own personal stress level and mental stability.


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