A poem about the love for a child and guidance

This is a poem that anyone with a child will be able to relate to.  I wrote it one morning when my son was sick, it must have been 6:30am I was exhausted, and he was just struggling to sleep.  So I wrote it off the top of my head and left it as the original draft that was made.

“The Passing Years”

It seems like only yesterday

You were sucking on your thumb

Now you’re counting, walking rounds

Adventuring; finding whats fun

You just learned the alphabet

My how the time flies

The day you first came to be

Was my life’s lullaby

It’s the smile you wear when I come home

Just a step inside the door

Leaves me holding with my wife

What more could be asked for

Looking at all that’s come to be

It’s beautiful beyond words can tell

And while you lay there dreaming

I make sure the night light remains alert and peek

Cause If I don’t I know you’ll come screaming

And I’ll wonder when I’ll get to sleep

So in this time of pure silence

I’ll whisper in your ear

The lessons that come with life

Through the passing years.


Let me know your thoughts

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