An Understanding to Depression and ways to overcome it

An Understanding to Depression and ways to overcome it

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.”
― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I’m going to discuss a very sensitive topic; Depression.  It is something that is capable of preventing the simplest essence of joy.  And yet, it is something that everyone at one time or another experience because it is a part of growing.  By overcoming shortcomings and disappointment it contributes to the very development and core of who we are as human beings.  We each handle it a different way and in the public eye it is perceived differently; introvert and extrovert personalities show two different stories because they are from two very different thinking minds.  The most notable time is the time that passes after the depression, and who is left at that time.

You will find that some people simple can’t get past certain obstacles that come in life.  The loss of a loved one or a sibling is a prime example.  Some people simply cannot let go of these fragments of time and they are stuck in one repetitive day; and I phrase it that way because they are reliving the same guilt and sadness on the same thoughts routinely.  They are preventing any growth in their person and being by being completely devastated by time.  It isn’t wrong to hold on to something that one holds so dear; however, it is wrong to not continue to live life for one’s self.  Moving forward and cherishing something that meant a lot to you is completely understandable and an important thought to consider is the person you are grieving over would want to be remembered, but not be a hindrance to one’s own happiness.

On lesser severities small disappointments in life that lead to depression and disappointment, some simply have the experience and knowledge of time that others do not.  Some can take disappointment as a small stride and easily overcome it, tackling what the next day has to offer; whereas others the smallest infliction of a moment not going to plan can lead to emotional outbursts.  Life experience alone and how sheltered one is to the harsh aspects of life have a lot to do with how well one can carry themselves during times of hardship.  There are other things to consider and other explanations to give, however rather than focus on the negative there are positive ideals to consider.

The overcoming of these hardened times of sadness.  There are ways to overcome them, ideas and suggestions anyone can put to use to overcome the difficult ducts of time.  Some suggestions to overcome the very aspect of depression are:

Overcoming Depression

  • A hobby- Find something that you can lose yourself in.  Whether it is a sport, art of some form, or even just a form of music you find soothing.  It could even be the extravagant world of baths and the many things you can do to make them more soothing.
  • Exercise- This not only will lead to a better body image, it will release endorphins in your body that make you naturally feel happy.  An hour a day can greatly enhance how you feel about yourself, or even a half hour.  Go for a jog, clear your mind, and learn to love yourself.
  • Let go- Whether it’s a grudge, or a pain of the past…holding on simply isn’t worth it.  If whatever it is means a lot to you, so be it. Keep the memory, not the pain or anger.
  • Accept yourself- Allow yourself the leniency to not be perfect.  No one is. Find the things you love about yourself and focus on that.  No one can be the best of every personality trait, it’s simply not how we are built to be.  Our differences in strength and weakness are what make each of us unique.
  • Nutrition- Believe it or not what you put into your body has an impact as to how you will feel. If you eat a healthy meal you will feel properly full, and feel the energy to want to go out and do things.  Whereas, if you eat half a pizza, you will feel sloppily stuffed, and not really want to do anything.  A proper diet can contribute a lot to a mood setting.
  • Sunlight- This doesn’t mean go out and soak up the sun, it means to get a healthy amount.  If you’re like me the idea of cooking yourself in a lawn chair simply isn’t the thing to do, but going out for a walk and getting some sun does a lot of good for you.  It interacts with your mind and the production of ‘happy’ feelings inside.  That’s about as scientific as I’m going on that one.
  • Trusted friends- Have a friend or two that you can truly confide in and rely on for advice.  It never hurts to bounce ideas off people who truly care.

Believe in yourself

Just taking the time to believe in yourself can allow you a chance to see tomorrow in a different light.  It’s a shame how many of us fall into the dark pit of depression and simply lose faith in ourselves; it can all change by taking the appropriate amount of time to think it all over.

As someone who has dealt with depression several times through a life-time the battle may be something that comes back from time to time…that doesn’t make you weak, that makes you human.  With the right mindset you can overcome it and always have the edge to lean yourself to happiness.

Let me know your thoughts

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