I’m Irish, O’Rourke’s Bar & Grill What Happened?

0-2 in RI Dining

It was a quiet Tuesday afternoon and my wife, son, and myself were out and about wondering the village for a place to fill our growling stomachs. We both are strongly tied to Irish heritage, both of our full names speak that for themselves…so we saw O’Rourke’s Bar and Grill thinking…this could be a warm atmosphere…could be a good time…so we approached with enthusiasm.

And so it began…it was quiet. A peaceful little bar surrounded by various tables made to seat anywhere from 2-6 people. The height of the tables made your choice of seating selection far smaller however, in accordance with, if you have a child sitting with you. A high chair only supported a table sitting a large party which made the seating arrangement of the 3 of us at a 6 seated table rather awkward, but not a big deal.

First impression time…the waitress approached and we just asked for 3 glasses of water…and made the simple order of a burger with fries well done for myself…my wife went with an order basic american food here…chicken fingers with a side of fries. The waters arrived and I went to have a sip and my face squinted as I swallowed the fluid. It was sweet…Mild panic built up in my eyes, and I asked my wife to try a sip. She exclaimed it was an attempt to roofie me…in which I told her she should finish the drink and lets make the most of it. Kidding aside…I sent the water back…very odd thing to do, but I’m not a fan of dehydration…and with its arrival also came our food. The waitress said…I hope the water is better this time around…awkward statement of the month for a place invested in it’s food for success…

So the second attempt at the water was a failure…Had my wife try it again…we began to grow concerned about the dish washing staff at this point…but hid it for the compassion we had for those eating around us. The burger I couldn’t really complain about. Though it had very little flavor, and had about a full head of lettuce under the top of the bun, i guess for a neat presentation for a burger…I was too hungry to really give it much thought. My wife was not a fan of the burger…but in comparison to the chicken fingers that she and my son were sharing…I would call it a step up in a positive way. The chicken fingers were breaded as all are…but they had a soggy flavorless kind of taste to them which is rather hard to imagine. Most chicken fingers are breaded and fried…these looked like they were breaded and baked I suppose but it held no flavor, the chicken itself was dry, and there were not enough condiments to make up for the overall dry fiasco. I was asked about the water 2 additional times, which it ended up being sent back each time, I ended up going without a drink for the meal. The fries…forgot to mention them, were okay. Well, the regular ones were. The sweet potato fries my wife ordered were burnt to the point that they pretty much broke apart when you picked them up.

For a place that was not too busy this particular night…it was a disappointment. The atmosphere itself was nice for a drink and it’s close by the water…and I suppose with enough drink the food would almost be deemed as tasty…but for someone aware of what they are putting into their digestive track…it was clear to know it simply wasn’t too impressive.


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