Journey Into The Occult- A Story involving a real experience with the Ouija Board

My experience with the unknown

It started when me and my wife moved into 2 bedroom house for rent. We had a lot of interest in the occult, and paranormal activity, and wanted to see if we could communicate with anything that resided within the house. We went to the length of purchasing a ouija board. And that is where this whole tale begins.

So we sat down once the kids were put to bed and reached out to talk with something, anything. I had researched the occult before and knew what to avoid and other warning signs. We got into contact with a spirit that claimed itself to be named “nelmond” It presented itself as friendly and made casual conversation saying it was a spirit stuck in the household trying to reach its son. We put the board away and that night it happened. I received a phone call at around 2am from a friend needing a ride to work around 4am…immediately after the phone call my wife and I heard footsteps stomping up the basement stairs. Being a light sleeper I knew no one had come into the house from the front or back door which left only one explanation. The impossible. We were frozen, and could not believe what we were hearing.

The occurrences happened frequently, and moved to the attic of the house. I heard on a nightly basis something pacing back and forth. We resorted to taking light sleep aids to try and get through the nights, it often worked for my wife, but not myself. I resorted to calling some friends over that had no belief in such things, i wanted the reassurance I wasn’t losing my mind.

Upon their arrival for a long time nothing happened…and just as they were about to leave, a big slam came from above in the attic like something had been thrown. I said at that moment to my friends, who were heavy in the Catholic faith, which they will often dismiss such things, I said please, explain that to me. They went up into the attic and were in a shocked awe saying they had no idea what to say to that. Over the course of a week I had a priest over to bless the house via my parents getting in touch with a church, as well as bringing in a priest of my own to try and dismiss whatever was there.

There were frequent nightmares and night after night it was having an impact on my psyche. It was easy to see the time was having a very strong effect on my mentality. My eyes were bloodshot from the lack of sleep, I felt constantly fatigued. I hadn’t shaved. There were jokes I looked like the guy from Amityville whose mind was slowly beginning to crack. The truth of it all was the fear was running me, pushing me into a cloud of solitude, a cloud of ideas I couldn’t grasp because there was nothing there I could understand.

Nothing seemed to cease the activity. I looked into moving out but financially we couldn’t do it. And things slowly escalated…I was at work and my wife was in the basement doing laundry and something downstairs growled at her. Tricks to our eyes were being played on a regular basis, as much as we knew no one would believe us if we spoke of it, we believed each other, because we were experiencing it. I invested in some ghost hunting equipment to look into things myself.

I traveled to NJ to get the equipment, and I presented the people with some pictured I had taken in the home. They confirmed there was more likely than not something there, and wanted to come out and take a look. They also were stern that I should not investigate it with what I was purchasing on account that it would stir up more activity on account that it becomes more familiar with my aura. Needless to say I still did, I felt responsible to protect my family…I ended up with several disturbing recordings of what sounded like conversations in the basement, I had gotten a voice that sounded like a child saying “help me” followed by a growl (which related back to one of my wife’s experiences) and several other audio blips that I have taped off in the darker parts of my mind. Eventually the NJ group did come out only to confirm something was there and the best thing to do was ignore it. What sound advice. When dealing with things no one can comprehend and understand, the solution, the answer to the cries of confusion, pretend that it is not there…Yepp. Didn’t see that one coming…hey you live here, there is a angry pissed off spirit doing things to scare you to death…when it happens, don’t react, just continue living and don’t give it the satisfaction. Unlikely.

Eventually one night the tricks played with our sight won the battle when we saw an apparition appear in our living room. I said that in the name of god it was not welcome here and it had to leave. What we saw turned its head to me and simply stared. It was at this point we grabbed our son and decided it was time to leave and go to my parents house. On the way out my wife saw what appeared to be the image of a woman, laying in the snow saying she needed help. I said to ignore it will get our son to my parents and will come back, from what I had read in the occult before, that was far too much a convenience to stop me from getting my family away from where I felt was no longer safe. Upon dropping my son of to my parents we saw in the back of my brothers car black shapes moving about, as if there were people sitting there getting ready to get out of the car. The problem is, no one was in the car, my brother was in his room. So we headed back to the house.

We phoned the police, and reported the woman we had seen on the lawn. There was no one found. No one nearby that had phoned or gotten help either. What was this really? Was it an apparition? I truly have no idea. What I do know is it scared the hell out of me.

In the end we moved out. We avoided the house as much as possible and eventually just left. The experience with the ouija board wasn’t my last…but what I did learn is I will never use one in my own home again. The occult is an interesting topic, but needs to be approached with caution. I hope people can enjoy this tale…but also take something from it, that if you don’t understand fully what you are dabbling be careful. It might just be more then you can handle.

A bit of additional information. We looked up the location and actually found it to be in the designated ‘triangular’ haunted area of Chester county. It falls in an area where in the history, a long time ago, convicts were punished and hung in the area. It was an area where trials and judgments were made on peoples lives based on crimes they had committed. It’s very possible that in our short duration there, we had upset one of these spirits. Now skeptics can and will pull this apart as they wish…feel free. This is a story from something I experienced first hand and that I tell as a story. I am not here to debate what one should believe, I am here stating what I dealt and feel that many others who have experienced something paranormal, can possibly relate to this.

2 thoughts on “Journey Into The Occult- A Story involving a real experience with the Ouija Board

  1. I know all too well about playing with a Ouiji Board….I played with
    one about 4 or five times, eventually got rid of it. When I was in
    my twenties, I lived with my grandma, got mad at her about something,
    and one night I lit candles, and probably said some things, and all
    that negativity gathered and not long after I did that, my grandma got
    really sick twice, and one of those times almost had to go to the
    hospital. I never did anything like that again, scared me. I totally agree
    with everything you are saying, you never know what make come through,
    and how to “close” a door once it is opened.


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