Rim Nahm- Cranston, Ri Restauraunt Review *Ouch*

Rim Nahm

-By Sean Monaghan

I was in search of a craving, an urge to indulge in some Thai food. Upon careful consideration a decision was met between my wife, my son, and I on a place called “Rim Nahm”. I personally had no idea what that name meant, it could have meant flame pit, but to me, I saw a Thai food sign and ‘by the water’ and I was willing to give it the upper hand, oooops. I am not a man to judge a book by its cover, but for this place I will have to give it a nice pat on the back for being located right by the bridge with a peaceful view of the water granting serenity before the disaster you are about to experience. It was almost a true grasp of a bi-polar moment, feeling the highest of highs, and then once receiving the service by the restaurant, the lowest of lows. Upon ordering from the menu I felt the shivers quiver up my arm that something was potentially very wrong, It was my natural instinct heeding a warning.


We ordered wonton soup and a simple drunken noodle platter to split between my wife and I. We have a 3 year old, anyone who doesn’t have one…parenting class on the house, they like to grab things that are potentially very dangerous. I am glad to say that our waitress, who must also work in a day care, took the proper precaution of super-nuking this soup and placing it directly in front of my son, Aidan. During the extreme battle of retrieving this ancient weapon of destruction I went to ask for some ice cubes to cool it down, I was met with a stare of complete disbelief. Our waitress, and quite possibly the owner of the establishment, had no idea what an ice cube was. To cut this matter short without fully indulging the drama, I merely pointed to a cup of water then the soup and said I don’t want my son to get burned…suddenly the picture was as clear as a beautiful summer day. Sadly to my disappointment, my mind was far from clear. The drunken noodles were 90% onions which on account of being an avid reader, I was rather certain it was meant to be made primarily of flat egg noodles. They must not have been selling many onion dishes that week, because I had enough there to properly season the rest of the nights orders.

When the time to ask for the check came, I am a firm believer of appreciating small blessings, the end of this meal, in short, was a miracle. Then I paused and looked closer at the bill…50 cent charge for….following my finger over…wait for it…ice cubes…? what? Really!? Apparently the discovery of this particular of this scientific boom pow carried with it a finders fee. Wonderful. Aside from the collapse I had to the sidewalk and minor convulsions, the rest of the night went peaceful without any memory of this tragic incident.

I decided to interview very briefly a few patrons leaving this particular restaurant days later with simple questions of satisfaction. As a commenced answer I would place it as one that would sound like “It was tolerable and I think I will digest it okay, but I have no real intention of going back”. All in all the atmosphere was nice, the scene of the water is beautiful on the right kind of night and with the right company, but for it to hold the strong reviews it has on the google search I attempted means only one thing to me…that many people after eating here simply feel too ill to write a proper honest review…


Let me know your thoughts

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