7 reasons why men are discouraged when their women want to go out without them

For starts- I’m writing this out of sheer humor before an onslaught of women come and call me ‘controlling, insecure, yadda, yadda, so before getting all mad, most of what I’m saying is pretty true. And while you can get mad at me for stating it, you can Google the opposite side of this perspective and see the vicious cycle of one man after another being torn to their knees branded insecure while the man takes another blow to the cheek.  Well, I’m speaking out in good fun the opposite perspective.

Men who are committed to a woman, sometimes even married to a woman, don’t like the idea of their woman going out without them.  This is about clubs, bars, things of that variety.  You can find many people saying how clubs and bars are okay as long as they are respectful when they go out!, well, I’m gonna be one of those people who say it’s not okay.  It’s downright foolish.  When a relationship is going smooth and solid it can be one night like this that takes a piss all over it and makes for a new build-up of making things ‘right’ again.

7 Reasons why men discourage their woman going out without them

  1. We know how ‘we’ think- Men know how men think.  A woman can sit there saying “what you don’t trust me?” all they want…please women, take down the instigation fence for a moment, it’s not about you.  It the knowledge of knowing prior to being ‘with’ you, the ‘single’ us, that when we went out, we were out for one intention.  Believe it or not, us men didn’t all gather up to go to the bar to have a few drinks and dance the night away.  While it sounded promising, it simply wasn’t our goal for the night.
  2. We know how we think on alcohol- Many of us under  the influence of alcohol are guided to decisions that may not be made by our reasonable halves.  Many times it is decision on impulse for momentary gain that is looked back on like hmmm…oops.  Well, as our prized woman, and our ‘love’ the last thing we want is you around a bunch of potential horny animals drinking one beverage after another that makes them merely a piece of male anatomy, as opposed to a round about individual that can actually hold a conversation.
  3. There are alternatives- We, as men, don’t care about you going out and having a good time with your friends. We care about the potential atmosphere and the disaster that can awake from a poorly chosen one.  The equation of our wife/girlfriend, us not there, and many drunken men, at the scene of a club or bar, doesn’t settle well with us.  It FURTHER does not settle well with us when you say it will be okay because your friends will be there, thanks ‘hunny’, that’s very reassuring, how about a movie?
  4. We know how you get around your friends when we are not around- It’s like reliving the high school days and early college days of going wild when we are not around.  We aren’t stupid, you act prim and proper and then the second you get to that bar or club it’s all ‘throw your hands in the air like you don’t care’, sure, there are times we need to simply let loose, life can be pretty tough, we want to be there.  That’s all.
  5. Dancing by yourself doesn’t make anything better-  So you get in and you say “Baby i didn’t dance with anyone, just by myself and my friends the whole night”, which to us we think, AWESOME. So the whole night when you weren’t drawing all the attention to yourself, cause what does that better than dancing by yourself, when you weren’t doing that, you were having a dirty dancing match with your friends. Time to go check youtube…you are probably the top ‘hit’
  6. “I drank responsibly” means, “I got hammered but nothing went wrong”- When you come in at 2 in the morning and tell us you only had a beer, ‘sure hunni, sure you did, oh watch you step and wait! that’s not the bathroom, that’s the kitchen’  Your versions of drinking responsibly truly means you didn’t sleep with anyone, you got home okay, and that the relationship can return to normal now.  Except the normal is now in a different dimension of ‘okay’
  7. Your friends more likely than not encourage things we would hate- Things along the line of ‘oh hey, he’s cute, you aren’t doing anything wrong if you aren’t taking his number or cheating’  or ‘it’s just a drink, not a big deal’ or the fabled ‘come on lets do shots!’ that’s the call of the wild we just love.  Fact is, while it doesn’t apply to all friends, the friends who don’t like the ‘man’ in their friends lives, have no problem suggesting ways to tamper and screw it up.  It is the friendly commitment of women of looking out for one another in all ways, even if that means killing their relationship with who they feel is a bad choice.

And there they are.  The 7 reasons why men are discouraged when their women go out without them.  This doesn’t apply to everyone, this doesn’t even have to apply, it is merely a matte of opinion.

Some of it could be meant to be funny, or maybe there is a lot of hard truth in there?  Fact is, it’s very easy to claim insecurity and control without considering the other option of what reasonable men don’t want their women around.  All in all, this was written to have as my blog states, an ‘open mind’  Oh, and I hate assholes, and being a hell of one myself when I get a few drinks in my system, I’m speaking from the spectator booth.


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