Life isn’t pretty

Philosophies of the male ego- Life isn’t pretty

You push yourself that’s what it comes down to– in this absurdity that we call life– filled with hopes dreams and the in between–we control our drive. its enhanced with inspiration plagued with stages of depression but in the end what emerges is what’s left of us– the bits and pieces anyway.

We control our beliefs and our will—if we want to make something happen—whether or not it does may be beyond our control, but our own personal efforts that essentially say you did your best or you simply laid down—that is what we control

Philosophies of the male ego- Life isn’t pretty pt2
I’d like to say life is a pretty place but it’s not– it’s a god damn nightmare filled with a million different beliefs all trying to convince us as people that we have a reason to exist–no we don’t…not all of us anyway. Face it some of us serve a purpose– others– life swallowed them plain and simple. Whether it was the conflicts or the chosen ways to cope life is 90% misery with a slice of relief

I’ve learned that you make mistakes you learn from them you identify with them and in the end you become them or find ways to simply avoid them. Mistakes will break you change you and eventually dictate how you handle the various challenges you come across in life, anyone who claims they don’t make mistakes—they are full of shit.

Philosophies of the male ego- Life isn’t pretty pt3

The bottom line comes to wising up and simply understanding our place and knowing that perfection isn’t something that anyone achieves—it may be something strived for—but overall, it’s something unachievable. If there was someone that was perfect and made no mistakes want to know what would happen? Someone would kill them for the simple reason of being perfect—that simply isn’t meant to exist.

The concept of mistakes gives society a standard and a rulebook of conducting our actions and choices…and while the choices you make at times might be at times pretty damn stupid…don’t feel so bad…there is room to make it up…there is room for change and adjustment…just know what you have on your plate and be able to recognize error and make the effort to be something better….

None of us are perfect. Those who think you are…piss off