The Prison we Call Eyes

As the title describe, it’s about seeing life through the eyes, and the image of them being a prison when you truly think about it.

The Prison we Call Eyes

The last splinters of bone push through the skin
I couldn’t keep the demon in
The screams and wails; and broken nails
Like a pedicure to the broken mind
The salvation I hoped to find
Became the subject of a fantasy
And once I couldn’t hide what was inside
I became the darkest lie
Consumed by shadows absorbed by hate
The image of tomorrow became the ashes of a dream
Wishes became nightmares; patterns ripped seam by seam
Hopes became new timid scars
And every breath I had was taken away
Led to a realm of sincerest deception
This twisting path could go on forever
And it wouldn’t matter cause anymore all looks the same
Various shades of filth and decay
With unspoken doubts each step of the way
Cause when what’s inside grasps and holds
The lone familiar is stinging cold
It drapes the skin; it chills inside
You live as a victim; stripped of pride

A body bound with memories ties
Trapped inside confusions lies

Behind the prison of two eyes


Stand and Walk With Me

This is an inspirational poem, ultimately a way of embracing happiness with who we are as individuals.

It’s like painting an image with a fragile mind
A fragment of faith you’d bend time to find
A moment of prayer seasoned with pieces of me
The fading shadow of the what and could be’s

It’s a recollection of the moments we face
Playing rock to the scissors and whether to chase

Its growing up and living loss; taming gains along with costs

Problems come in varied waves
As strands of straws; we choose what to save

So take a breath; reconcile
Take the step that’s worth a mile

Cause a stitch in the right place can change the way we heal
And sometimes…It’s all about healing the RIGHT way

A voice there to do its part
The angelic virtue of your heart
The time to take in what we feel
As our hearts tone to solid steel

It’s life and the choice to complicate
The jigsaw put together that slowly shows our fate

Cause perfections not a trait; but a dream we hope for
The hope that blends with life; and shows at every door

Take it from a soul that’s danced with shadows; laid with light
The two create each other; the morning makes the night

It’s the harmony; the craftsmanship; the future of the ticking dial
Held behind the feelings of the common facial smile

It’s what’s behind the eyes
The special blends of the soul
The pity; love; and sacrifice
The things that make us whole

The stepping stones; familiar shards; the fragments of a day
In the end it’s only us; who find and pave our way

So shed the shame; the rare denial
Take a mirror, a breath , and smile

It’s in the eyes that somehow say;
If you can be then show a way

Despite what you hear, and what’s been said
It’s only words stuck in your head

So take a breath, dive in your eyes;
Block out misfortune and those cries

Take in that breath, and realize;
It never took away the person you are

Its those who stand; unafraid to be;
The people crafting trends we see

Cause as people, as individuals, it’s the marks of beauty we read
The jolts of feeling we feel, from what we perceive

It goes with that hope to those who need a hand
So take a breath and take the time to stand
Take the step to something new, ill lend a hand

Cause the beauty of our difference, is what most wait to see
Only you can push you down, so stand and walk with me

Tears Run Translucent

This is about a person who lost a sibling, no real truth to it, just an embrace on the feelings I feel would be associated with it told in the form of a story. I hope it’s enjoyed.

Tears Run Translucent

Tears run translucent
Down pale skin
It’s aged with time
Yet sticks to sin

Hollow on the outside
Inside a flood of grief
A past that seems to always find
It’s way to trip my feet

Each lesson a tale
A story  I scribe
About the birth of innocence
And how a young man died

Couldn’t take illusions
Each face a faker’s dream
The lack for ever knowing
Who is truly what they seem?

The lapsing effort of a heart
The nights choked of relief
A final trip to bottle’s end
Was the knife out from its sheathe

Incoherent- shutting down
The youth had lost his way
But counting pedals on this rose
It’s been a year today

A lost soul just needing love
Too much neglect to care
I was your ghost; your shadow
A best friend is always there

I watched you slowly take your life
It bled away each passing night
Inside was cold, worn from the fight
Broken eyes, the final sight

I watched you turn; and break and cry
A reflection standing to my sigh
Looking back, my own two eyes
And pain that had no choice to hide

We were twins, of the same mother
Not one day passes; I miss you brother

Gates of Hell

This poem is about addiction, someone that falls down a dark path and simply can’t overcome it.

Gates of Hell

I’d put the bottle down
But in the absence of reality
I feel so much closer to my dreams
I forget what it’s like to be alive
It’s the reminder in waking up
That I’m the spitting image of a lie

It’s the fix that makes my blood cold
The line I signed to sell my soul
The shadow only my eyes see
The voices that coax and make me believe
Cause in finding each second to be a weight
And things are becoming too heavy to bear

So take a few moments with me

I don’t know the time that’s left to spare
I write a note in hope you find
That giving up while in a bind
Was my only option; the hidden clue
I drank to hide from loving you
Cause I abandoned myself long ago
And this skin I wear has worn out
And what lies beneath isn’t pretty
And I feel you need something more

I sewed my eyes shut to close out the light
Now It’s always that time; the dead of the night
The silence is like a harmonious grant
A scar to a heart that’s painted with agony
I’d try to find the words to say
But nothing I’ve said has meant a thing
So here comes that familiar sting
And thoughts that tend to pierce the skin

So here I sit with this simple letter
About how I could have been more; something better
But it’s too late; I bid farewell
And sign my name to the gates of hell

Keep Your Head Up

This is going to be primarily about my view on life and daily routine, and while some people may not want to hear about another’s outlook on life, it’s my blog, get over it. Moving forward…

The simple concept of keeping your head up on a regular basis has become such a challenge. If it isn’t the tanking economy that is pure shit, there comes the countless emotional battles each of us encounter and deal with (which varies significantly from one person to another), and the wasteland of ruin many of us feel inside from life not being fair. Well…life isn’t fair, it’s a matter of learning to manage it in a way that can provide the most neutral ground possible.

Something to consider on the side: Ever run into that asshole that knocks everyone down in an attempt to feel superior? It’s not about superiority, this is their way of trying to make themselves feel better. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely an asshole, but fact is, we all struggle trying to find a way to be ‘happy’, it’s normal.

I’ve learned over the course of time to never be ashamed of what you believe in and care about. With all the bullshit in life it comes down to having a few select things that you love, and a few select things that provide entertainment, and no one else’s thoughts should matter. Some people fall into that trap of caring what everyone else thinks, get away from that thought process, in the end it will only ruin you and prevent you from feeling happy with who you are.

We all seek acceptance, but until you can accept who you are, anything beyond that will be way too out of reach to feel, let alone understand. 

If you are at all like me depression can eat you alive. One day you can be incredibly productive and another may consist of doing very little and spending time with yourself and trying to deal with who you are. Life tends to hurt us, disappoint, and so one, but the fact is without life’s disappointments we’d never be able to identify a good feeling. We wouldn’t be able to identify ‘good’ time. Pain and mistakes are what contribute toward out understanding of happiness. It’s a compass to finding ourselves, and our passions.

The hurt we experience in a lifetime you can’t let own you. You can’t let it control your ability to function, or take risks. Dwelling on an event that has already taken place will only hold you back from becoming something so much more. Feeling hurt can cause you to be very hesitant to trust others, and by all means take that approach (it’s safer, that’s me) but letting hurt and disappointment cast you into a mental shell of sorts will only lead you to a deeper misery.

I’m an emotional person.  My emotions do have a lot of control over how I handle a day, how my personality is for the given moment, and ultimately, it decides how productive I’m going to be. Being emotional is a poetic curse of sorts, but I’ve learned it is all about finding ways to deal with it, and rather then trying to make excuses for it, accepting it’s simply who I am.

When I say I’m emotional it isn’t so much to say I’m running around painting my nails, and wearing eye liner, I don’t think that stands for shit aside from trying to prove to yourself that you are an ‘individual’ (though I do think there are much better ways to do this), it’s to say that I know I can be hurt easily. I know that I don’t trust people easily, and that will probably never change. The fact is there are so many people full of shit that many of us deal with on a regular basis, that sometimes, sometimes the best way to deal with it is to simply shake our heads.

The quiet person that observes all around and kind of keeps things to themselves, it’s not because we are anti-social, it’s because we’ve experienced enough of life’s screwed up agendas that we prefer to watch the show from a distance. Kidding aside, life is about learning how to deal with it, and how to keep our heads up. It’s about embracing the things that truly matter, and being proud about the things that compose our interests and passions.

If anyone has a problem with what you enjoy, they aren’t worth a second of your time. We choose where we invest our time and energy, be smart about it, or don’t. Ultimately, it’s your life, but understand the reasons behind your approaches on trying to deal with living. It’s a damn complicated thing to do.

If you can relate to this, comment. Tell me your thoughts, your ideas, I’m interested in feedback.