Symbol of What’s Lost Inside

I have used several different sites to post my writing (non professional writing) and the problems are pretty similar: Either the administration for the place sucks, or it just doesn’t feel right for what I’m posting. So, I think I’m going to move all of my writing to this wordpress blog, why not. I cancelled my paid site, and this can be  hobby, so without further ado:

I’d love to know thoughts and opinions on anything I put together.


Symbol of What’s Lost Inside 

Reflections of the past
Are cast as hopes that never last
Every bitter moment that were here
The end is always someplace near
As a chill travels my spine
How long have I been living blind?
I seem so far away
Yet I’m standing, another day

Time sits unclear drenched in fear
For the peace that’s never near

Many whispers haunt my soul
Reminding of the big black hole
A chest that’s drained and left in pain
That beats to prove it’s still the same
Shadows taint my eyes
Everything they want to see
As I watched my body fall
And lose the final pieces left of me

Every step I feel the weight
The cornerstones of misplaced fate

I don’t have a way to believe
This air passes over my lips
The values I wore on my sleeve
Became a piece of misplaced need
And now I’m watching from an empty place
The holes inside, the dreams I’ve chased
To find a new skid on my knee
A new count for what couldn’t be

I can’t pretend or hold away
I never have the words to say

Is this what is meant for me?
Is every step, a step away
Paving steps, nothing to say
A broken being, here to lay
I’ve failed to notice the change inside
The hopes that collide and hide
The empty me, this new, torn side
Always left with the question, why?
A why for the lie, and the me I despise

On this road to nowhere
Each step marks that chance for change
Yet I’m too lost and loving pain
And I’m convinced it’s all the same

Every time I close my eyes
I remember the day I said goodbye
The day I chose to sell my soul
The day my heart became a hole
I stand a puppet to my pain
A broken man that shares a name

I am the lost, the need that hides
The symbol for what’s lost inside


2 thoughts on “Symbol of What’s Lost Inside

    • In a way we get caught in life’s patterns, we end up being treated like shit sometimes and it becomes so common that we accept it, in a way it gives us that feeling of value.
      Thank you for your time Craig, it is greatly appreciated.


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