Coming Back to Life

Coming Back to Life 

Ever have something that happened in your life and the best way you can describe it is simply saying “I got my ass kicked”? Chances are you were telling the truth, but regardless of who you told, no one could get it.


Well, for quite a while now life has kicked my ass. In every way, mentally, emotionally, even physically. You become so worn that you just forget how to take care of yourself, then after dwindling in self-pity you pick yourself off the floor and choose to ‘come back to life’, well I guess that is me now.


I’ve been writing for profession and in a way someone that’s always loved to express themselves you would think: perfect job. Not really. It’s nice for the simple fact of reassurance, I know that I’m capable of writing solid things, expressing emotion, but at the same time I consider whether it is really what I want to do with my life for profession. When you begin to take a hobby and make it your work it ends up leaving a big old hole when it comes to fun creative time.

So, ultimately i’ve learned that I love to write, but don’t care for it so much on a professional level. When you take something that is special to you and then begin to bend it in ways that you never intended for it to be, it just no longer holds the same feeling of pride. And in a way, viewing writing as I do now, I have become a victim of this pride.

So now, almost a year later after taking on writing as  career, I still take on the occasional project, but I am looking much harder into professions that will allow this to be my hobby again.


With that being said, I am going to gradually get back into writing poetry again, I may even take on the challenge of a possible novel, but all in due time. This, more importantly then anything else, is writing something that simply defines the fact that I am picking myself up off the floor of life kicking my ass.


Hoping to develop a group of people that follow my writing, give me opinions and thoughts, and possibly even discuss some possible fun topics when they come up here and there.


Thanks for checking this out, whoever reads it. If you’ve been there, felt this, and gotten through the ball-breaking tough times, feel free to leave a comment.



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