Hollow Host

Ever have a time where you have things on your mind and just feel like you need to write? Not so much to state anything, but to try and balance the emotions inside? Well this is kind of what that is, in an emotional kind of mood and just decided to throw some writing together. That being said it isn’t perfect, I can’t even say that it’s ‘complete’, it’s more like a creative writing session. But in any rate, I figure it’s something people can relate to, so why not…I decided to call it Hollow Host

Hollow Host

Cast the pain that hides inside
Like a net, captures my eyes
You’d never know, you’d never see
Everything I hide in me

Fragile like a broken stand
Beaten in, I’m half a man
Days will always come and go
Yet who I am, I’ll never know

Inside swept clean, empty still
A vessel walking, without will

Arms are tied, emotions hail
Darkened screams and broken nails
Inside of me a tourniquet
That cuts the lines of hope within

I could pray forever
Yet it will stay the same
If tattoos are marks that last forever
Along with them, so is my pain

We always know, deep inside
The bold, dark corners of a lie
Yet we tell them as a way
To postpone the pain inside a day

So won’t you take my words to heart
So that when we have to part
I can look you in the eye
And tell you that I’ll always try

A walking tale of what can’t be
The cornerstone of misery

I’m searching for a meaning
To distill all that’s there inside
I’m drained of all potential hope
I’m left with only pride

As you walk away and leave me
Capture in your glimpse my eyes
As I walk into the boundless fog
With a promise that I’ll try

As long as I’m still breathing
My heart will try to bare
While inside it may be empty
It will always try to care

As a hollow host, without a need
I’m everlasting, with pain to feed

And I will watch forever
With a curse inside that never dies
And I will hope forever

For the answers to the questions that hide inside

Let me know your thoughts on this, whether it is a suggestion on how to adjust it to make it better, or what it makes you think about. The writing I put together is only as powerful as others read it out to be.


Let me know your thoughts

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