The Heart on the Sleeve

This is about looking at the past, experiencing hardship and being ultimately in a journey to find one’s self.

The Heart on the Sleeve


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I’ve felt you on my mind
I’m thinking all the time
All the answers I can’t find
Met with the end of the line
This is how it ends for me
A face off with my agony

The bruises spreading down my wrists
The pain that comes with memories kiss

Sweat is pouring down my face
And defeat is all I seem to taste
Chains on my wrists, hands are bound
It looks like you have got me now
This is how it ends for me
The face off of what has to be

The ghosts in my memory
Are clouding me, what I believe

Regret paints a color in my eyes
It takes over what I see
And when I look into a mirror
Whose that looking back at me?

Life, it lacks a guide
Yet it paints a picture well
I had a plan, it was to hide
But then I tripped, straight to my hell

The numb that’s in your touch
It’s like poison to my veins
Couldn’t tell I had too much
I became addicted to the pain
I never felt the shade of shame
Then again, I’m not the same

Now here I stand, engulfed in hell
Waving as I wish you well

Come on, show me a sign
Give me some hope of any kind
Give me some way, to somehow see
Give me some life, to set me free

And I will find a way to me
Give me reason to believe

There is a dark that waits inside
The only piece that hasn’t died
It’s all that’s left to claim as mine
Engraved in what we call our time

So won’t you wait for me
I’m on the other side
Waiting here I wait to see
As two worlds soon collide

And what is left of me
I’ll spread and I will share
I’ll become the pain
That’s inhaled in the air

I’ll be watching still
Won’t you watch for me
I’ll be the break in your will
If you take time to believe

It’s all that is left to see
The pain bound to believe
The emptiness that seethes
When wearing one’s heart on their sleeve


2 thoughts on “The Heart on the Sleeve

    • We are all tortured by heartbreak, we only differ based on what loving is from one person to another 🙂 thank you for checking it out.
      Most of my writing tends to do with admittance toward some kind of overwhelming feeling.


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