The Me Only I Can See

This poem is about how the real core feelings that we feel are never truly something that anyone can fully understand. The fact that we have a way of looking at our selves and hiding certain things about us, whether it is intentional or not, but the fact is there is a ‘ME’ that only us, as individuals, can truly define, feel, and see.


This is about that:


The Me Only I Can See 

This comes from an artist that can be found here:

This comes from an artist that can be found here:

I’m giving this a try alone
This ‘me’ that I have never known
The empty ache that’s in my chest
It burns and has nothing left

I pretend that I can’t feel
Yet pain has never been more real 

Darkness casts a hole inside
Pain that hides inside my eyes
Shades of forecasting defeat
I lay my hopes at my feet

With a prayer for my despair
And hope that someone can be there

And while I pretend to simply be
I pave my path of memories
Every step that has no place
With emptiness carved in my face
Crippled, I can’t take much more
What’s this pain really for?

What’s it take to walk away
Why can’t I find the words to say?

A smile knowing, I can’t stand
Broken and I have no plan
The creases of uncertainty
Are meaning so much more to me
I’ve been fed the side of a lie
And I can’t find a way to hide 

I can’t run from what is me
I’ve lost it all, what can I be? 

I taste the tears drift down my cheek
Laying what’s left at my feet
The weight of everything that’s real
Has pushed beyond what I can feel
I turn my back to what remains
Absorbed by darkened shades of pain

And this is how I survive
Walking away while telling lies

The fight inside, it stays alive
The pain that I can’t seem to hide
The choice to walk away, to save my pride
And have a dance with my dark side

I’ll stare it down until the end
It’s me and it, there’s no pretend

As I face the other me
The me that only I can see


4 thoughts on “The Me Only I Can See

  1. It is definitely a melancholy insight into a recent pain caused and the resulted pain after. The you that no one else sees but it blatantly there despite all others. Very introspective and telling.


    • In a way i feel like we all experience a common feeling of hardship when we deal with loss or disappointment, but we always compose ourselves to hide it (okay, well, most of us) this is primarily that staring back at us, the theory that you can’t lie to yourself 🙂
      Thanks for checking it out.


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