Watching From the Other Side

Watching From the Other Side


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I’m bound, I’m bare
I need repair

The past it holds me still

Can’t escape these thoughts inside
Embraced by taste of countless lies

A victim of fragmented will

View the writing on the wall
The symbols call, I feel so small
Visit the emptiness that waits
That pounds along the threads of fate

I won’t give it the time
Answers are for me to find

Yet the whispers happen still
Cracking, breaking, up until
A message gets inside
Becoming what I soon despise

I knew it all along
Love and hate, same old song

I put the bottle down
Weave in and out
Yet I’m hell bound
The gates that wait for me
Lonely, empty, misery
I smile with ill steed
Feeling anger as it feeds
Draw me deep inside
Once I’m there, nowhere to hide

I face my demon’s eye to eye
The lesser side of broken sighs

I’m trapped inside myself
Can’t expect a lick of help
The pain it spreads within
The vessel of most basic sin
Yet I keep it buried still
Waiting at the window sill

I’m watching, I’m waiting
Forever hating

I can’t control this voice
It breaks, it binds, without a choice
This voice inside knew all along
The common pain, the common song
The desperate cry for need
Hangs and lasts, emotions bleed
The last vision of my fate
Was the fight that happened way too late

The empty, the broken, it sank inside
The hope for more became defied

Yet I will hold onto forever
To face this from the other side

This poem is essentially about a battle with one’s own subconscious. The pain of depression and hopelessness, the grasp of no control, the inevitability that this individual can’t beat it, but they will watch it, and will face it off to the end to see that it doesn’t impact others. Again, very open to interpretive angles for the reader, hope this is enjoy. I’m happy with how this came out.

Let me know what you thought of this, what it made you think about, and if it made you think of the past in some way.


Let me know your thoughts

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