Broken Man Without a Name

This poem was written a long time ago, revised a few times, and was in a way my best piece of writing in my youth. I say that like I’m old, but then again I’m 29, so yeah definitely feeling that age thing.

A lot of my writing has to do with dealing with pain(external and internal), experiencing hardship and overcoming it, and other dark points of perspective in life. Let me know your thoughts, I would appreciate it.

Broken Man Without a Name


Tears are being pulled from me
And I can’t stop the misery
I held my breath for far too long
And the reality keeps seeping in
I’ve never felt this close to myself
But when you’re empty it’s all you know

If I could see inside of me
The hidden shades of agony
The scars that trace along my skin
And lace my eyes so I see sin
I’ve learned to lay inside the dark
In hope to find my broken heart
I stopped the hope for change
Because change is beyond what we decide

The weight inside breaks me to my knees
I don’t beg or cry or even plead
Pain took over a long time ago
And this moment just makes me smile
Cause pain and beauty are the same
They carry acceptance as two names
And when it’s beyond your control
You bear the weight and break the soul

It’s not giving in; it’s not letting go
It’s waiting with a hope to know
Cause the tears have dried and I feel the same
I’m a broken man without a name

Let me know your thoughts

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