Dream Left at the Window Sill

Dream Left at the Window Sill


I can’t keep holding my breath

Cause every time my vision starts to blur

Comes a vision, and a voice to be heard

Cause what wasn’t making sense; is now crystal clear

And the picture perfect world has become creased with stains

And with each new breath follows visions of pain

It’s not about the tears that encased my cheeks

It’s about the dreams that broke when I fell to my knees


Scars trace my skin from the times I fell

And walked the pearly gates of hell

Each vision a reminder, each blister of skin

Each an embrace of my life labeled sin

I watched out the window, and counted from ten

Looked at the past; All those times we think ‘when’

When time seemed to make sense, til we drifted apart

And ripped down from my chest what remained of a heart


I won’t let the wind carry my cries

Cause you’re not worth the value of time

Cause the shades of the sky just changed

And I’m reminded it’s a new day

The taste of each breath gives me new color

And each day is given a new tune

The chimes of a new beginning stretch the skies


Each step comes with a crease, each crease with a fall

Each step in a world, where feelings seem small

Yet they make us what we are; a pendulums pit

A falling of arms, a dream thats been split

So in the end just think, in the dash of the eye

The life that’s consumed and eaten with lies

Cause what’s been left behind; is forgotten and still

A dream left at the window sill.

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