Pure Fiend

This is a poem that takes the topic of addiction and labels, and gives it a story. This will touch on people that have run into addiction, pain, the feelings associated with labels and being written off. This has a twist at the end that makes you feel it in its entirety. Enjoy.

Pure Fiend

There was a demon with no mouth
It told too many lies
And every time it blinked its eyes
Came a dreams demise
Because with every minute came the rot of time
It held the voices in its head; until it became a mind
And each hour entertained
A path it could not find
And with its mouth went its eyes
This demon lived on blind
A world filled with second guesses
Hopes and wishes too
It faded to the darkest corners
It’s flesh was black and blue
It started pure with dreams so fresh
Taken by the tides of night

Now a puppet; rotting flesh
A soul without a light
Cause addiction claimed its dignity
Left a shadow of humanity;

The words on this paper; this fatal scribe

Written with blood; and tears she cried
The final writ; fates final claim

The last attachments of a name

She was a girl only seventeen
Labeled a demon; addict; pure fiend


4 thoughts on “Pure Fiend

    • Thank you for dropping by. The images I use on any of my poetry are never my own, I try my very best to link it back to the original creator of it.
      This is from my hubpages and it’s old enough that I have no clue where it came from. A lot of the other images I use have a reference to their source though. 🙂


    • I put this piece together at a time when I was thinking about life and people whose lives fall apart, who gain labels that they can’t get away from, tough stuff. I posted this on hub pages a while back and a mother actually reached out to me saying it helped in how she viewed her daughter, how tough of a place she must have been in, touching really. When my writing helps people, it’s more than I can really ask for.
      Thanks for checking this out my friend,


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