The World Behind Cold Empty Eyes

This is a poem essentially about heartbreak, the feelings that tie in with feeling broken and alone.

The World Behind Cold Empty Eyes 


It seems like only yesterday

But years have passed, and nothing’s changed

The secrets carried in the winds

Still spill on the streets like the next new fix

And still it’s so far away

And my eyes have lost their touch with life

You can’t read what’s been broken

And can’t look into a soul that’s chosen to give in

For every hope I’ve counted

Comes 5 wishes that never came to be

The center of it, the heart of me

Like a pin cushion, fixated with holes

Each one a symbol of a dream that’s come up empty

A prayer spoken into a pillow

Just fragments of faith, tears on a cloth

That never became more than a spoken whisper

Just wanting someone to hear it

Cause you can only fall down so many times

Until you forget how to get up

This weight is getting heavy

These limbs are growing tired

And these eyes are looking for new sights to see

So please just believe in me, while there’s time

Cause I feel so alone

I need a reason to see tomorrow

Cause all I see are reason’s to tune out

And tears wouldn’t be good enough

To absolve the things I’m feeling

Just counting on someone to understand

Cause I can’t be the only one

And if I am, I’m meant to be alone

So please take my heart

So I don’t have to feel this anymore

2 thoughts on “The World Behind Cold Empty Eyes

  1. This… just wow.
    I like seeing the extra line breaks in there to encourage you to *slow down* and feel every line. Because, gods, each line just feels so much.


    • Thank you very much, I appreciate your time in checking it out 🙂 this is one of my older ones I believe. It’s been a while since I revisited it. Every poem has an underpaying meaning in one way or another, I like to think it has multiple interpretations. I’m glad you enjoyed this.


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