Gates of Hell

This poem is about addiction, someone that falls down a dark path and simply can’t overcome it.

Gates of Hell

I’d put the bottle down
But in the absence of reality
I feel so much closer to my dreams
I forget what it’s like to be alive
It’s the reminder in waking up
That I’m the spitting image of a lie

It’s the fix that makes my blood cold
The line I signed to sell my soul
The shadow only my eyes see
The voices that coax and make me believe
Cause in finding each second to be a weight
And things are becoming too heavy to bear

So take a few moments with me

I don’t know the time that’s left to spare
I write a note in hope you find
That giving up while in a bind
Was my only option; the hidden clue
I drank to hide from loving you
Cause I abandoned myself long ago
And this skin I wear has worn out
And what lies beneath isn’t pretty
And I feel you need something more

I sewed my eyes shut to close out the light
Now It’s always that time; the dead of the night
The silence is like a harmonious grant
A scar to a heart that’s painted with agony
I’d try to find the words to say
But nothing I’ve said has meant a thing
So here comes that familiar sting
And thoughts that tend to pierce the skin

So here I sit with this simple letter
About how I could have been more; something better
But it’s too late; I bid farewell
And sign my name to the gates of hell

2 thoughts on “Gates of Hell

    • I’m glad that you liked this. I will take a look at your poem at some point today, I have a few things to take care of this morning and a 4 year old running rampant, haha, but I will definitely check it out.


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