Keep Your Head Up

This is going to be primarily about my view on life and daily routine, and while some people may not want to hear about another’s outlook on life, it’s my blog, get over it. Moving forward…

The simple concept of keeping your head up on a regular basis has become such a challenge. If it isn’t the tanking economy that is pure shit, there comes the countless emotional battles each of us encounter and deal with (which varies significantly from one person to another), and the wasteland of ruin many of us feel inside from life not being fair. Well…life isn’t fair, it’s a matter of learning to manage it in a way that can provide the most neutral ground possible.

Something to consider on the side: Ever run into that asshole that knocks everyone down in an attempt to feel superior? It’s not about superiority, this is their way of trying to make themselves feel better. Don’t get me wrong, they are definitely an asshole, but fact is, we all struggle trying to find a way to be ‘happy’, it’s normal.

I’ve learned over the course of time to never be ashamed of what you believe in and care about. With all the bullshit in life it comes down to having a few select things that you love, and a few select things that provide entertainment, and no one else’s thoughts should matter. Some people fall into that trap of caring what everyone else thinks, get away from that thought process, in the end it will only ruin you and prevent you from feeling happy with who you are.

We all seek acceptance, but until you can accept who you are, anything beyond that will be way too out of reach to feel, let alone understand. 

If you are at all like me depression can eat you alive. One day you can be incredibly productive and another may consist of doing very little and spending time with yourself and trying to deal with who you are. Life tends to hurt us, disappoint, and so one, but the fact is without life’s disappointments we’d never be able to identify a good feeling. We wouldn’t be able to identify ‘good’ time. Pain and mistakes are what contribute toward out understanding of happiness. It’s a compass to finding ourselves, and our passions.

The hurt we experience in a lifetime you can’t let own you. You can’t let it control your ability to function, or take risks. Dwelling on an event that has already taken place will only hold you back from becoming something so much more. Feeling hurt can cause you to be very hesitant to trust others, and by all means take that approach (it’s safer, that’s me) but letting hurt and disappointment cast you into a mental shell of sorts will only lead you to a deeper misery.

I’m an emotional person.  My emotions do have a lot of control over how I handle a day, how my personality is for the given moment, and ultimately, it decides how productive I’m going to be. Being emotional is a poetic curse of sorts, but I’ve learned it is all about finding ways to deal with it, and rather then trying to make excuses for it, accepting it’s simply who I am.

When I say I’m emotional it isn’t so much to say I’m running around painting my nails, and wearing eye liner, I don’t think that stands for shit aside from trying to prove to yourself that you are an ‘individual’ (though I do think there are much better ways to do this), it’s to say that I know I can be hurt easily. I know that I don’t trust people easily, and that will probably never change. The fact is there are so many people full of shit that many of us deal with on a regular basis, that sometimes, sometimes the best way to deal with it is to simply shake our heads.

The quiet person that observes all around and kind of keeps things to themselves, it’s not because we are anti-social, it’s because we’ve experienced enough of life’s screwed up agendas that we prefer to watch the show from a distance. Kidding aside, life is about learning how to deal with it, and how to keep our heads up. It’s about embracing the things that truly matter, and being proud about the things that compose our interests and passions.

If anyone has a problem with what you enjoy, they aren’t worth a second of your time. We choose where we invest our time and energy, be smart about it, or don’t. Ultimately, it’s your life, but understand the reasons behind your approaches on trying to deal with living. It’s a damn complicated thing to do.

If you can relate to this, comment. Tell me your thoughts, your ideas, I’m interested in feedback.


2 thoughts on “Keep Your Head Up

    • I’m capable of writing inspiration, just doesn’t mean I always follow my own advice. At the core I keep the most important things to be aware of fresh, but we are all victim to feeling depression, it is one of those inevitable feelings. Glad you enjoyed this Rebecca :).


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