Tears Run Translucent

This is about a person who lost a sibling, no real truth to it, just an embrace on the feelings I feel would be associated with it told in the form of a story. I hope it’s enjoyed.

Tears Run Translucent

Tears run translucent
Down pale skin
It’s aged with time
Yet sticks to sin

Hollow on the outside
Inside a flood of grief
A past that seems to always find
It’s way to trip my feet

Each lesson a tale
A story  I scribe
About the birth of innocence
And how a young man died

Couldn’t take illusions
Each face a faker’s dream
The lack for ever knowing
Who is truly what they seem?

The lapsing effort of a heart
The nights choked of relief
A final trip to bottle’s end
Was the knife out from its sheathe

Incoherent- shutting down
The youth had lost his way
But counting pedals on this rose
It’s been a year today

A lost soul just needing love
Too much neglect to care
I was your ghost; your shadow
A best friend is always there

I watched you slowly take your life
It bled away each passing night
Inside was cold, worn from the fight
Broken eyes, the final sight

I watched you turn; and break and cry
A reflection standing to my sigh
Looking back, my own two eyes
And pain that had no choice to hide

We were twins, of the same mother
Not one day passes; I miss you brother


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