Lay With Me As I Break

This is about living, trust being broken, and the human psyche giving in.


Lay With Me As I Break

I put my heart out on the line
Let it lead me, walking blind
It met a stake, injected hate
And now I stand, a broken fate

I’m beyond saving, broke in two
There’s nothing left for me to do
Every day is black and blue
A living bruise, it’s nothing new
Same old day, what can I do?

I can’t escape the pain inside
There is no place for me to hide

Everywhere I look, I’m blind
There’s nothing left for me to find
Every step is sheltered, slowly breaking
Emotions tire cause I’m faking

A living lie, always mistaking

When nothing’s left for me to show
I’m empty beyond what you know
Walking slowly, heart in tow
I don’t belong, no where to go

And no one ever really knows
The things I hide; no point to show
Because there is no saving me
No point to show what you can’t see

The breathless gulps of tainted air
The mix to fix shots of despair

Every time I make-believe
I find it hard to even breathe
I’ve never felt like I belong
It’s why I never last too long

I can feel it killing me inside
The living notion of a lie
I’ve told the tale far too long
And now I truly don’t belong

I put the past behind me
Walking forward, forced to see

There is no place for me
I’m alone, and meant to be

So watch for me, as shadows wait
And lay with me as I break


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