This poem is meant in good fun. Just taking the label of ‘Psycho’ and giving it a little fun charade.


It seems I’m psycho
I’ve got delusion to spend
I hate it every time that you go out with your friends

I’m far from normal
But hell, I pretend

It seems I’m psycho
I’m just slightly deranged
I spend my afternoons counting how I should change

Seems I’m built with guilt so I stick to the strange

It seems I’m psycho
Can’t remember my name
Everyday may be different, but plays out the same

When things go wrong I’m always to blame
I’m non-existent to the thought of some shame

It seems I’m psycho
I’ve got time to pretend
Twenty voices in my head that all seem to blend

They come and they go, with chaos to send
Reminding as they rage, they are all my friends

One says to jump, another says still
I’m bending to the thought of irrational will
Been diagnosed, but they have no pill
I’m insanity on blast, on a constant spill

They say I’m psycho
I run and I scream
Eyes diluted, they search and they beam

They say I’m psycho
There’s no place for me
I lay on the grass as I talk to the tree

They say I’m psycho
I’m the slant of lost time
I’m the blank slate of blame
You can’t seem to find

They say I’m psycho
Just me and myself
The confusion that lasts
With no sign of help


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