The Birth of Fear

You can look at this in a number of ways, what it means that is. I wrote it with the intention being about a succubus.  A dark intimacy with something that is always there, taking away and tempting.

The Birth of Fear

This soul is spilled along the floor
Can’t take this truth anymore
The floorboards creak with self-defeat
Time has become my enemy

Icicles that pierce my eyes
Dreams that froze from tears I cried
This sin has spread inside my heart
I watched it change, and rip apart

This time alone, it’s made for me
The clock hits ten after three
Another day inside a mile
Paving the road we call denial

Cause there is no place to stay
No place for someone this lost

It’s a place for only me
Everything we shouldn’t see
A shattered second,  time ceasing me
To a lust-filled dance with misery
This grin that’s sharpened to a smile
The final embrace with denial
A broken heart can haunt a soul
Until its too stained to control
Told myself, let the pain be
Til it was all I knew of me
The rot of time inside my voice
Decaying more with every choice

I watched me slowly change inside
Hope was flushed out from my eyes

I can sense your pity
I can sense the nerve
Carve the future in my soul
Until I get what I deserve
I’m pain laced into a mix
A different need, a different fix
When you need to feel lost
Sell me your soul, just name a cost

I will call you puppet
I will call you slave
I will take you to a place
And watch as your hopes cave

You can call me demon
You can sign me in
And when you feel that sudden numb
You can call me sin
I will take you far away
And make you feel me
I will lead you to a time
Until I take your right to see

Count it down to seconds
Count time till you can’t be
Trace the scars upon you skin
To remember me
I will be your envy
I’ll be all you see
Worship me as a memory
And the single cause of misery

You can call me all you need
You can call me hell
Some things never get defined
Some secrets never tell
You can try to wish away
But I’ll always be here

I’m the shadow waiting still
I am the birth of fear


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