The Healing of a Scar

This is about living life and ultimately how living through hardship changes us in the end.

The Healing of a Scar

I love the lies, the way they lace
Can I have another taste?
You poisoned many parts of me
And cast the bond with misery
And now you hate what’s there to see
My embrace with being me
I locked your shadow in my eyes
And buried it with a sigh

When every step feels like forever
Every action holds a meaning

Keep a wound close to the chest
Keeping it forever fresh
When I watched you walk away
Hate stole my eyes inside the day
Every step held a new tune
Days would end what seemed too soon
Yet inside I always knew
The path, the things I had to do

Each choice brings along a twist
A moment that cannot be missed

When you watch yourself and change
The world it can seem so strange
It’s when you find yourself that way
That days begin to seem okay
When emotions are a tidal wave
They can drown, and they can save
It’s a matter of our own perception
That’s linked to our own sweet deception

It’s what you allow and what you see
Allowing you to come to be

A step inside the world today
Can feel lost, a slow decay
Loneliness it’s at the perch
Reminding us of how to hurt

Just wait it out, let time believe
Repaint the heart lost from your sleeve
Cause when we choose to lose ourselves
There’s always time to find some help

Time may heal and leave a scar
Reminding us just who we are
It’s a blessing hidden that you can’t see
A memory, reminding me

Of how far I can seem to fall
While holding on, onto it all

Scars remind how much we take
And lead us in the lives we make

Let me know your thoughts

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