The Mark of a New Beginning

This is about living, about taking control of life and recognizing the truth behind actions and knowing that every start of a day brings about a new beginning.

The Mark of a New Beginning 

When you’re crying
You’re living
It’s a blessing in disguise

It’s the hidden truth to the words
The need to ask ‘why’

When you’re breathing
You’re believing
In a way to get by

To watch the day pass
When all else feels too much

Where you’re going
Living sigh after sigh

It’s reminding
While reaching out to the sky

A reach to just believe, how high
As a heart wears thin on the sleeve

I could plead and scream
Nothing quite as it seems
Believing past this modeled dream

It inflates a hope for more

There is the tear for effort
The grin for hope
Some false-pretend
To try to cope

Hope can never be taken away

I keep it all inside
Sanctioned for my eyes
Looking for a place to hide

Sometimes you need to face what’s there
Holding fear inside a glare

When you face what waits within
A battle that you cannot win
That grasp of hope stands as a way
To live the line, day-by-day

Achieving is believing
To watch the sun rise tomorrow

It’s the passing of the day
The change of light,
We find our way by the night

In all the ways that matter

Survival, bound and strong
A feeling felt, forever-long

There is nothing like the sunrise
Of a day that marks a new beginning


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