Nightmare Inside Me

I cast my thread of empty hope
Tying shut all I don’t know
This masquerade of broken dreams
The silhouettes not what they seem
Tears fall into a pattern, a story misplaced
Reflecting the changes that lie in my face
They spill the story, just who I am
And the fall I viewed in my last stand

Cause I held on for so long
And I can’t find where I belong

These eyes are tired from all the grief
The illusion hides what’s underneath
This front I’ve shown has met the end
A puppet to my own pretend
Cause when I reached to feel something
I meet the ashes of my past
The love and hate that couldn’t last
A wish to belong that faded too fast

The more I reach, the further I fall
The whisper that is my hopes last call

Each breath feels like forever
And I forget when things could simply be
This fabrication that’s become me
A patched up batch of feeble belief
When you have nothing left to stand by
You count your breaths with each cold sigh
And walk away, there’s nothing left
With a hole that spreads along my chest

I had no choice but to let go
I’ve lost all I’ve ever known

At one time I had a heart
Pain chipped away, broke it apart
And when I reached to grasp it close
It seized and faded as I let go
The tarnish spread like a disease
The pain became all that was me

I watched a world slowly fade
I watched a life fade day by day
One final clutch, a dance with the tide
A final embrace with this darker side
And the fading reminder deep inside
Of all the pain I seem to hide

There is nothing left to reach or see
Left with this nightmare inside me

Let me know your thoughts

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