Empty World

Empty World

I felt the sorrow twist my breath
It gripped until nothing was left
Dreams and desires cast to the fire
That drowns away our memory
On a quest for what is never there
These eyes are showing signs of wear
Each tear a shattered hope to end
That leaves my world, my pretend

I placed a scarecrow to face my fear
Yet peace is far, it’s nowhere near

The life that once danced in my eyes
Became a bruise beat in from lies
I saw only what I chose to see
And became this loss inside of me
I can take the knife and twist
Become the pain that can’t be missed
When it’s there, it’s clear to see
Thoughts entangled, Misery

I’m the reaper of the well
The thoughts that bend and lead to hell

Each night I’d close with a prayer
Eyes frozen still caught in a stare
I found myself almost believing
In a phase, forever needing
When we watch our world collapse
It’s in the ashes that we see
The memories and love we need
And the embrace that opens our eyes

It feels like the first night
That chance where things can be all right

It’s not until you’ve lost it all
You hit the closure of a wall
It’s not until you’ve lost it all
That you learn how to believe again
It’s in this moment, this thirst, this need
A wish is shut away with hopes that bleed

And in this moment waiting still
An empty world begins to fill
It’s that pain felt for the last time
And a pursuit with a hope to find

An empty world with empty things
And hope for what a new day brings

It’s all that’s left to hope for
And I’m ready to wait for forever


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