The Dark at the End


The Dark at the End 

The symbols painted in your words
Stories I have never heard
Twisting tales to be perceived
To cast the curve of make-believe
These broken whispers have no home
They paved the path to be alone
Now here I sit, waiting still
With only a shadow to catch my fall

I’ve never reached so far before
I want you to see the real me

I taste the tears on my lips
Dampened dreams slowly split
If it wasn’t for the hope of tomorrow
I don’t think I could take much more
A mind that’s riddled, spoken for
Led astray from tales of lore
Tattooing it with impaired hope
Without a means to somehow cope

It’s that moment, just before the end
When you say goodbye and make amends
My eyes cast shadows of what’s to come
The past has made its mark
The ground shrivels, giving in
The future begins to start
The air casts colors that make no sense
A twisting scene of disarray
The end of time has taken steps
And chose to make the end today
I will watch with simple awe
I’ll watch it wash away
I could try to save it all
Yet I have no words to say

It’s that silence with a meaning
The cold of familiar that hangs on

It’s when you watch your world end
There’s nothing there to reach
There is only the will to watch it fall
And the strength to keep moving forward

It’s not about watching the end
It’s about being able to move forward
When the horror of truth shows itself
And you can only be true to yourself

Take one step forward and try not to look back
Nightmares are meant to be tucked away


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