A Vow to the End of Time

Your asking, I’m telling
The demons are yelling

They’re getting inside of me

The thoughts are coming
They’re numbing

How the hell can’t you see

I don’t understand, I’m pushed to the edge
Cornered I’ve decided to take on a pledge

You won’t get the real me
I’ll hide it from the world to see

I’ve been passed around, broken down
And now you hate the me you found

My mind is beat, it throbs and pounds
Breathless, broken, not a sound

I’ve lost track of all the time
Been walking here, forever blind
Everyday it seems the same
Forever fueled, exhausting pain
But you will never, ever see
The things I keep for only me

Things meant for me, lonely eyes
Cut away from valued ties

I keep track, I note the way
All the words I need to say
To make it all go away
To keep away what wants to stay

The shadows are all I can see
More or less a part of me
I walked away, I hid beneath
With half a world to bequeath

I wrote it off, without a choice
I couldn’t save myself

I can run, but I can’t hide
A victim of a thing called pride
I held to time’s shifting pulse
Embedded in a world that’s false
I watch from within, a broken string
A shard of fate, a fatal sting
That made me walk away
With a vow up to this day

That I will never be the same

The image comes from: Rollingfishays.deviantart.com


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