Music With a Meaning

I spend a lot of time listening to music, whether I’m listening to it while driving, working, working out, or whatever, I’m always looking for music that I can identify with and like. There are plenty of good beats out there, I normally appreciate the value of meaningful lyrics as well. Everyone has a taste for certain genres, so before I even continue, anytime I talk about music it is simply expressing my opinion. I don’t need people voicing that they don’t like the song or the group, I don’t care. It would be the equivalent of me rushing off to some rap enthusiasts blog and raging that the music sucks, unproductive.


I just decided that occasionally I will throw up a song and talk about it a little bit because I think that the music is so filled with mainstream songs that a lot of talented artists get skipped over a lot, and a lot of people that would enjoy the particular band or song end up never being discovered.


This band is not too ‘unknown’, but not heavily popular either. I have a lot of bands I intend to bring up on here, but this is more of a warm up write before a day of work, so I wanted to begin with a Nine Lashes song.

“Cover Your Own” is a song that dives into the feeling of abandonment, a longing to belong, and the fact that there is always someone out there that can essentially fill the holes that you feel.

Being someone that is constantly in a tangle with depression I’m kind of very open to these kinds of songs. I really enjoy the lyrics, the beat is catchy/different, so I figured I would put it out there with the intention that I think a lot of other people could enjoy it.


If you hate it, that’s your opinion, nothing wrong with it. But for those that do end up enjoying it, great.

Nine Lashes- Cover Your Own

2 thoughts on “Music With a Meaning

  1. Great band. Great song! You know, no one can fill your holes. Don’t expect them to. You will be disappointed. And so will they.

    I love music. Interested to see the genres you like. 🙂


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