The Color of a Day

It’s the shedding of a day
I’m really hoping that you hear me
The shading of the words we say
Sets the tone for all to see

A promise is the key
A hope for what we hope to be
So wont you sign your name
And lead the way for me

I can’t believe you
The hope for things to be half-true

It’s when you looked away
I learned about myself that day
When the crutches in our collapsed time
Were no longer there for me to find
I had to walk alone
Had to reap what I had sewn
I learned to live again
With a breath of air to face the end

The end of this is not the end of me
It’s baby steps as I learn to breathe

I’ve lived as a shadow to myself
Had nowhere to call for help
Every step is new to me
Taking time to learn to simply be
I know I have a ways to go
Each day with finesse, going slow
On a track to find my way
Taking each step inside a day

Won’t you listen close
You may find a way to me

It’s about me being here
Embracing pain and facing fear
It’s about all that’s in between
And I’m here right now, breaking down
It may take a while
I won’t lie or fake a smile
It’s not about the day
Or the words id like to say

It’s about me finding me
In a future I hope to see
Without a hope to grasp
I could linger here, I could stay a while
Housing here a friend
A friend that i call my denial

Yet I will make the change

For everyone that’s there
Lost or broken in a stare
It’s time to make amends
And leave the pain and fake pretend
It starts out with a step
And a voice, I promise I can hear you
We have all been there
Reaching for a hand that’s never there

It’s time to find myself inside
A part of me I thought had died

It’s been there all along
Waiting for me to make things right

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