I am on my knees
Begging for an answer, please
Holding on has been so hard
These torn drapes can’t be stitched
The shreds of a heart, what’s left of it
Do you take the time to see?
Everything you’ve done to me

Perfection lasts until a flaw
And a flaw tends to last forever

I hide behind all I can find
Emotionless, I’m walking blind
I feel ugly underneath it all
Inside I’m feeling way too small
What I wouldn’t give to say
This will only last for one more day
Yet, I fear I’ve been marked forever
With a sensitive taste for all I’ve lost

What I wouldn’t give
To feel all this makes some sense

I gave away my innocence
Chasing what I felt was true
A mind became a splintered grave
For dreams that became black and blue
Eyes that once flourished with care
Now a ghost lost in a stare
Tainted by a bitter longing
To feel somewhere, someplace at home

Nowhere can just take me in
So many places I have been

I’ve been told to just believe
Believe in what I say?
It’s not about the pain you feel
But the change inside a day
And yet I feel chained, hopes bolted to the floor
And with every tear I shed
I have to ask how many more?

Give me something to believe
While there still is a chance

I will walk this road forever
Between the cracks and pain as well
And this will be my story
About my descent into hell

The darkness that goes on forever
And the writing only I can see
This appears to be my home
The only place that’s left for me

This place that’s all that’s left for me.


Image comes from: mamabishop.blogspot.com

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