Forsaken Step

This is a poem about being in a really dark place, suicidal even. I put this together a long time ago on Hubpages and due to the content matter it actually wouldn’t allow ads to be placed on it. Found that to be pretty amusing.

Forsaken Step
Taken apart just the other night
I’m picking pieces of wrong and right
The skin of my dream is peeling away
My heart is a pure form of the finest decay
Not knowing how I got here, what is this place
Reaching for reminder; rubbing my face
The way my skin felt so cold…

I sit here on this jagged stone
Entranced by how I’m so alone
Engraved with names; forever they say
The word at my throat like a razor blade
Taking the moment to new shades of despair
I reach for your touch, just hoping you’re there
Down on my knees; my needs taken from me
I’m lost and drown in this misery

I can’t catch my breath, cause I can’t breathe
Can’t feel thought; or make believe
A flashback of the last night I can see
The limbo I’m in, my new eternity
Reminded of what held me each day
Now reminding what will kill me away
When I took that step, and lost myself
I now realize exactly where I am

And how nothing I do can save me now


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