A Search for Something More

It’s like a symphony, just you and me
And then the world, it came to be

 It never looked the same

I shut it out, ashamed to see
A tarnished mirror, the sight of me
And when I thought I couldn’t be
You gave reason to make-believe
Yet it turned out to be a lie
Another day, another sigh

I never could belong

Just what is this that I’ve become
I’m half a heart and need undone
There’s something here, inside me
Something won’t just let me be

Take my hand, a frail touch
A broken life that’s had too much
Won’t you look me in the eyes
And let the shadows dance inside

Sometimes there is no sense
Time is all that lies in wait

I whisper pure, into your ear
A haunting voice that’s drenched in fear
Yet you couldn’t stay away
Now we stand, my judgment day
And there is nothing left for me
Hand-in-hand with misery

You said it would be okay

Now I walk, a shallow soul
A need that lacks simple control
Desire that’s been ripped away
And forced to live, day by day
The torture living in my eyes
The drapes made of a thousand lies

But they only tear me down
As I break without a sound

So won’t you watch for me someday
I can’t promise I’ll be okay
Yet I promise I’ll be here
Watching you, year after year
I gave up on me, long ago
Embracing pain you’ll never know

I was just waiting for a sign

As you walk the path inside your mind
Just don’t forget the golden times
That leave you breathless, with a hope to find
An answer to this broken bind

Walking the threads of uncertainty
A search for what will never know


The image is from: secretsun.blogspot.com


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