Broken Nails of Fate

Broken Nails of Fate

The aura pulled beneath my flesh
It pulled til there was nothing left
The trace of pain forever fresh
Splinters of bone stuck from my chest
Waving the song- a family crest
Destined to sink in strands of time
Forever lost in hope to find
A mark of hope, of any kind
A time to wake or somehow see
To find a place that’s left for me

The glyphs of fate slowly subside
Eyes without hope are cast aside
And with the rain that waits within
Lashes the wind that covers sin
A shadow waits and spreads apart
And swallows whole the beating heart
All that remains is twisted pain
A dampened life, never the same

Id carve my name to last forever
Instead I’ll write a lovely letter

A memory that twists along my tongue
Reminding me of all I’ve done
The darkened faith resigned inside
A token to remember by
When all there is left to face
Are broken fragments of a place
A jigsaw of a  distant past
A thousand hopes that never last
A promise that will never be
The moment I will never see
And the riddle that is me

Words were taken long ago
What they mean ill never know

I walk on ground that’s of a tale
The concretes scraped from broken nails
The air is thick from wasted air
A heart is broken, bound, and bare
Stuck inside a moments stare
Emotions numb, and thoughts impaired
I watch it slowly suffocate
And fall in love with all my hate

The pain will never let me go
It’s the only thing ill ever know
A memories touch, a thoughts desire
As all I have slowly expires
I wear the crown of self-defeat
And lay my life down at my feet

With a loss that tastes so sweet
I’m left to wait, with fate to meet


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