Lock the Night Inside Me

Lock the Night Inside Me

I’m abyss’s sinking hole
I’m remorse beyond control
I’m the counter to your prayer
I’m the shadow standing there
I’m the scary in your dreams
I’m the sense inside the means
You’re the addict I’m the fix
I’m your conscience; here’s your mix

I can’t seem to find a way
The ground is rubble; worse each day
The air is thick; with tensions high
Staring at a dying sky
In a world cast apart
Lacerated at the heart
I seek to find a place to fill
A life turned empty; slowly killed

With each tear a withered dream
A quilted story with broken seams
Each stitch replaced; a story mend
Leaves a smile of pretend
So grasp that moment; hold it still
Marked as an effort of fake will

Sincerity coated with lies
Words that light a sin-cased sky
Causing hopes that cease to be
A hope that died along with me
Each fatal whisper, clenching air
My presence felt; always there
In your eyes; a guide; loves stain
To me the broken king of pain

I wear my crown of broken dreams
And lock the night inside of me.


The image comes from: meandor117.deviantart.com


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