Looking for a place to start
Feeling empty without a part
Looking into a welted sky of
Black and gray; pure disarray

A day that’s withered to the core
Hopes broken and a chest that’s sore
A heart that beat and didn’t last
Thrives from the beauty of the past

Take the time to reconcile
It may hurt, just wait a while
The strains that grow inside the mind
And bound prayers into a line

Desire in full unison
A hope spun off, soon to begin
A sequence of events that make
A risk to build a new found sake

Look away, and walk that line
The hopeless bound falls in decline
Shed the tears and make a start
Create the blooming of a heart

Reborn as the day that weeps
Rebirth from the wake of sleep
Time to dust the shrilled time
And embrace what is to come

Image from: s496.photobucket.com

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