Shades of Grey

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Shades of Grey 

All these crooked roads ahead
Belief is tarnished–playing dead
With all these voices in my head
I cant dream, I pretend instead
The stains from pain that hides inside
The shadows bend me on my side
And in the ashes of these cries
Is a life that’s crafted from these lies

The air it seems to always shift
Standing in this sweet abyss

The scars that strain against my wrist
The dance with chance I seem to miss
The hopeless signs that drift away
And decorate the common day
Pain becomes the common play
Riddles in the words we say
A broken world in shades of grey
Where lost becomes the only way

Standing still with a hope
A hope that only I will know

With eyes that wear strands of despair
Each empty step in the still of air
A wish for something to be there
Like every hope, its cold and bare
This skin turns to familiar cold
A vessel pushed to slowly fold
A broken soul with no control

The air is tarnished with disdain
All I know now is this pain

Air is seething from my lips
With everyday I start to miss
The day the world went away
When nothing’s left to do or say
With each breath- a strain of pain
A shade of shame becoming blame
The eternal scar we call a name
The threaded whispers speaking true
To all the hate that hides in you

It helps to tame the vivid pain
The pain that hides inside a name


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