As a being you claim perfection
Oh if it were only true
That shroud you wear that hides it all
Until out it comes– the lie that’s you
You teach the world one big lesson
Cause with the lies came the net
The net we call sincere deception
That links to countless times upset
With reality came the bitter defeat
And the choice to lay burden at my feet

Every step a fine-tuned masquerade
Cause it comes with the finest pain
Reinvoked by the thoughts
With each time I hear your name
When reality came and finally dawned
I saw the ugly underneath
What at one time I would defend
This time my gun sat in its sheath

When you reach for the stars
You hope to get it right every time
Loneliness is not a friend
At least not one I would call mine
With each mistake comes lessons learned
The sands of time slowly descend
Thoughts of forever slowly end
And a heart is left to slowly mend
The  lessons taught along the way
Grant a guide for the next day
And with that guide a map to be
Something more than this: that’s me

So when reality sets and feels grim
Don’t fret just close your eyes
The day may seem dark and clouded
But the passing of clouds leads to a beautiful sunrise


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