Crown of Pain

I wrote this today, it’s my newest piece for a while now. It’s about accepting pain, living with it, thriving off of it, and owning the fact one is broken.

Crown of Pain

It seems like only yesterday
The past is far too much to hold
The need for feeling more
Has slowly died away with cold

Eyes can’t fake the pain I feel
Beyond pretend, it’s all too real
This pain echoes loud inside
I’d fight but my hands are tied

I felt the lash run down my back
The scars that run, the eyes turned black

You locked me in and took away
The need for more led to decay
The light inside, dimmed day by day
The words were never there to say
The pain remained; it’s there to stay

The edge that once thrived inside
Has broken down to withered sighs
A portrait of a deep dark cry
That’s colored by a thousand lies

I need to feel, a chance to heal
There is nothing left for me

There’s a knot caught in my throat
That suffocates the stem of hope
There is nothing left for me to know
Life peeled away, cold and slow

I lay here stripped of all my needs
Watching my emotions bleed
I scream but no ones there to hear
The loss inside is crystal clear

I reach to feel something
This pit inside has become tied
Matching steps with pain and lie
Every step it takes away
And breaks me more day to day

I walk alone, no one to save
Inside a masterpiece of loss
My soul, my being, the final cost

Yet I step with a new name
And wear the crown I call my pain


Image is from  odd choice for this, but what can I say, google images thought it was smart.

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