Life Story

This is a poem crafted around the concept of feeling, of telling about a personal battle/struggle with sadness and pain. It speaks from the eyes of someone that is trying desperately to not give up, but there is very little left in the area of hope.

Life Story

I bare my book of tainted sin
Each time I look, another grin
The whispers carried in the wind
I‘ve waited forever
And these hopes and dreams are wearing thin

Show me a way, show me a place
Label me a pawn, a used disgrace

Each street looks as though they are the same
A different path with different names
Hairs on my arm rise up, aware
To change in this brisk-riddled air
The more I listen the more I see
The more time put towards knowing me

A rock is stuck inside a place
Forced without choice but to sit and wait

I’m counting all the shadows
They dip and then they slowly weave
I’d try to feeling something
I burned my heart straight off my sleeve
The scars that remain after
All i have to look back to
A time where I did not know
The wrong and right, or what to do

I tuck away the inner loss
And define a place I don’t believe

See the life stranded inside
A prison cell we call our eyes
The pain in everything we see
And all the things that couldn’t be
I thought I knew the best for me
Turns out I was a pawn
A puppet to something far more
A place I could never belong

This mind is tied in razor wire
Tripping from good times expired
Breathing in, it’s not the same
And I’m looking to feel okay again

Scars that tell a thousand tales
Defining what it is to fail
You would never really know
You can’t feel what’s inside of me

You never could, and you never will

Peel the wounds and make them fresh
Feel something and know what’s left
Tomorrow is so far away
And today is bound to endless time
Time that rips me to my knees
And I’m looking for some kind of release

So please reach out for me
And let me tell you my life story


Let me know your thoughts

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