Open Wounds

The story of an individual being broken apart, and the ruins that remain when everything is lost.

Open Wounds

A broken heart and bloodshot eyes
An open wound that has no ties
A misplaced grin and no control
The puppet strings to a broken soul
The scrapes on these knees won’t go away
They cast the memory from another day
I keep looking back, I don’t know why
I don’t know how to silence this cry

I need to find a way
To say what I need to say

Cause the beat inside is starting to pace
And I can’t seem to find a trace
Of all the little things that once made me
This twisted distortion is all I see
My tongue is split from telling these lies
My soul is a crafted collection of sighs
And I keep asking myself, just tell me why
On this countdown to my fine demise

I’m feeling incomplete
I’m holding on, but I feel so beat

The air feels thick, the ground feels frail
I’m looking down at my broken nails
I tried to cling to all that could be
And what’s come back is cold and empty
I wish I had a rhyme or a tiny reason
Or a path that I could simply believe in
But those days have sailed away
And I’m left a statue of my dismay

Why can’t I just belong
Where did things go entirely wrong

So don’t forget me ill be right here
The fragile moment, the loss of a tear
And as time passes year after year
Ill be that memory that’s so sincere

Just don’t look away
It could be for one damn day

Cause when you can’t find that way
You blend to all you have to say
And sometimes you just have to be
In a lustful trade with our misery
When you’re caught in that hole and you can’t see
Take one step back and try to breathe

Face that feeling and try to see
As emotions break and slowly bleed

And know that it is me
It’s all that’s left of me


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2 thoughts on “Open Wounds

    • Thank you very much 🙂
      I would suggest broken man beyond repair and ‘the heart that went away’ they are among my favorites, in the way they turned out at the end.
      Appreciate the support very much.


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