It’s Raining Inside

It’s Raining Inside

I’m walking these deserted streets
The ground is crumbling at my feet
Each step forward, the ground withers away
Inside roams a child with no place to stay

Inside my heart is made of glass
It shatters from a painful past
Where each thread of happiness
Gets cut in half, not meant to last
Cause I am pain and misery
With a lasso of sweet sorrow
And while I try to run from me
The pain will wait until tomorrow

The wind, it travels at my back
Like the lashes from a whip
Each moment lacerates the skin
And leaves a trail of broken dreams
The scars that show for all to see
The scars inside, for only me
Reminder of what couldn’t be
And the cloak of belief I could never find

The tears that dash down my cheek
Sliding on skin, remnants of the past
The perspiration tied to my skin
A reminder for things that couldn’t last
I sit alone, my shadow next to me
Two separate things summed up to nothing
I close my eyes, there is nothing left to do

I’m broken inside, missing you.


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