My eyes burned out from the lack of a soul
I walked as a zombie that’s void of control
Blending to a life that’s stripped of all need
Left with a heart that continues to bleed

My wrists lack a pulse
My throat’s dusty and dry
Moisture laced the dirt from when I could cry
A muttered prayer said to a black sky
Is now sitting stagnant, unanswered inside

Reaching for a hope that has intertwined
Wrapped in despair with the essence of time
A walking limbo from what once was me
The dark and defeated, it’s all I can see

Each step leading to a familiar place
No matter the steps, it’s still me I face
The countless mirrors like an amusement ride
Forcing a look deep into my eyes

Notation of the broken hope
The scars of a distant past
The misguided times of happiness
That never seemed to truly last

And the unavoidable truth that tomorrow
Was going to feel exactly the same


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