A Man Without a Soul

The fire builds inside my eyes
Everything I see is damned
Dampened by the threads of hope
And cursed with time called sifting sand
It’s when I saw it’s all been lost
This soul has paid its final cost
I clenched on for some final chance
Matched only by my broken glance

It’s when I say it’s okay
The air becomes a thickened grain
And all the air I’m sucking in
Coats itself with blistered pain
It’s this time I suffer still
Reaching for what makes me whole
Im bent and broke without a will
Left here a man without a soul

I’d wait to see tomorrow
But I’m left without a choice
A broken human being
That has lost their inner voice
Cause when you’re left with nothing
And have just the ground you stand
You’re left with only memory
And live as half a man

Cause all that’s left to do
Is close your eyes and sleep
Drenched with all the broken dreams
That have died out at your feet

All there’s left to do
Is tied to being me
Hiding in the shadows
Consumed by misery


Image from: porscheclassy.com


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