The 7 Signs Your Relationship Isn’t Going to Work

The 7 Signs your relationship isn’t going to work

We have all seen it, the relationship that hits the plateau where there is no moving forward. Depending on whether you are the man or the woman, it can be seen from two different points of view, but either way, it’s the same outcome. The inevitable split, the prediction that your friends called out months before hand.  They saw all the signs that you chose to ignore while chasing that ‘hope’ to fall in love.

People get bored with one another pretty fast if they aren’t right for one another. Some people can notice it on their own, while others just play their part and wait it out until the end. Either way, these are the signs that a relationship is going to spiral quickly downhill:

Awkward Silences

Ever have a great conversation with a friend, a lot of laughter, a great mood, and then find it impossible to do the same with your ‘partner’? We’ve all been there, it’s the conversation that is meant to be a lot of fun, but instead it’s met with the estranged and awkward silences?

The awkward silence will bury a relationship because essentially, it’s the proof there is no relationship there.

Argument-free relationships

Arguing isn’t a ‘fun’ part of relationships, but it is a strong sign that one side or the other is still very passionate about the relationship. When one side shows an “I don’t care” attitude toward everything, guess what, it’s not just a sign, it’s a fact.

Too much space

This is something that needs to be considered the right way. The quote “absence makes the heart grow fonder” is very true, up until the absence becomes more and more common. That happy medium of finding the ‘right’ amount of time to be apart can be a deal breaker. Enough to keep an interest, but not so much that it pushes away.

When your partner prefers staying away from you more then embracing your company, it’s not a good sign.

Respectful Boundaries

Boundaries are always a really sensitive idea to prod on, aren’t they? When the line of being possessive can be so easily drawn, you have to be careful in what you expect from your partner, as well as what you consider to be healthy boundaries. If one half of the relationship acts completely in regard to their own benefits and gains then it is another sign to check off on the list that contributes to inevitable failure.

Change doesn’t always accommodate a relationship’s future

We all change over the duration of time. What might be in our best interest may not be in the best interest may not be in the best interest of the relationship we are in. Who we are in the moment, and who we become a few years down the line is impossible to predict, and that works on both sides of the relationship. Who you both become in the future may not be the person that you love in the moment.


People can argue that jealousy is healthy, but insecurity certainly isn’t. The reminder of being challenged and having someone that other people desire is a healthy reminder that options are always available, and it should be that way on both sides of the relationship. That is, after all, what creates a sense of appreciation, isn’t it?

The moment that a healthy jealousy becomes a possessive personality trait a person can change drastically. Insecurity leads to desperation, and desperation is something no one wants to experience because the results can be unpredictable.

Apologies no longer exist

We aren’t perfect, and if we were it would be pretty damn annoying. The fact is, when mistakes are made, it allows good things to stand out that much more. Errors are the actions that allow good times to be remembered, and without them everything would simply seem the same. The thing to note about mistakes is that while apologizing isn’t something any of us enjoy, it is an act that shows we care about the others feelings. When apologies cease to exist, the care commonly associated with them tends to cease as well.

There are several discussions that take place that evaluate relationships from a million different points of perception and it’s simply unnecessary. When you take the very core themes of how relationships work, which are primarily based on the values of respect and loyalty, then most of the answers are right there for anyone to come up with and understand.

We live in a world that has a million guides that explain how a man should be, how a woman should be, how we should act, how we should look, and in this tantrum of insanity we lose ourselves and forget how to be the person that we are. Stick to what you know, be honest enough to simply be yourself, and most things will have a way of working out on their own.


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