Remnants of a Broken Soul

You turned me inside out
A gulp of fresh air can’t save me
And with this sinister smile
Ill forget, it may take a while

The crimson dreams we left behind
Each a mark toward wasted time
I couldn’t explain, can’t begin to care
I’m everything and nothing, and all that was there

It’s that stack of time without an end
This isn’t working so let’s pretend

I signed my soul away
Forgot what it was to dream
I preach my words of broken care
Though they’re never what they seem

I paint a picture, a world of loss
The winding roads we never crossed
Portraying needs as different names
And how flaw and living are the same

Can’t admit, that thing called pride
I seem so perfect cause I choose to hide

A sin engraved, a fate, a sign
The choice to keep on walking blind
You can call me the hymn of yesterday
The ripple in time where guilt and passion play

Cover my eyes to shield the view
A dream once fresh, now black and blue
Words can curve a moments time
Twisting passion with pain, with little else to find

Skin that is cold, aged over the years
Translucent to all, the taste of familiar is near
Mirrors can’t reflect, what has happened to me
This mark on my skin, I can’t even bleed

I look at myself, the reflection is bound
To a soul without life, a walking loss to be found
I need to feel a different thirst inside
I grasp at the clamp, just where am I?

With so much to say, yet no words will amount
When life has stopped ticking, and time has lost count

Frostbite on the mind
A still and constant pain
Salvation never there to find
Every day seems the same

Just hand me your book of lies
Decorated with a need to belong
I will be your lullaby
A sweet consistent, luring song

Take my thoughts and pry me apart
And if you can, find what’s left of a heart

I’m the stain on innocence
The void that hides inside
The voice that whispers in your ear
The haunting saying ‘why’

Tears dampen the walls we make
To stand and feel tall
While inside remains a ruin
Remind us that we are small

Unnoticed and left all alone
Reaping all we’ve ever sewn 

A noose of forgotten memories
Draping from a broken neck
Tied to a broken mind
At one time its only kind

Can’t believe it, it’s there to see it
The past that cannot be
And the ashes that are left
The lone remains of me

The skidded knees and corrupt dreams
And all the things that couldn’t be

Wire me to the fine strands of deceit
This loneliness for me to meet
I’ll hang here still a while
With the perfection crafted in a smile

That keeps lies unseen for endless miles
Lost in time with a sense of style
The shadows resembling bits of me
The thoughts locked away, hidden from me

And somewhere in the stinging cold
Drift the remnants of a broken soul

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