Love is the World’s Most Powerful Emotion

Love is the World’s Most Powerful Emotion 

We all have this connection to love; the idea of love, the way love can make us feel. There is a great reason for it; love has a way of completing us; it gives us a way to define actions that have no other way of being explained. Love is something that we all secretly desire, and the more cold someone acts toward the feeling, the more pain they have that surrounds the idea.

I did it for love

How many times do you hear someone talk about an action that they did under the claim that it was for a deep affection. When we are in love the idea of ‘sanity’ is lost, we are willing to do anything for the things we love, rational consideration vanishes, and left in its wake is impulse and the need to protect what we care about.

It’s strange though, we live in a society where the feeling of love is almost mocked and criticized by people, primarily men, but still criticized. Makes you wonder why its viewed in such a way, and outside of the explanation that a lot of guys are simply morons and don’t know the value of having someone truly give a shit about them, outside of that I don’t really know why it gets negative attention that it does.

People say those stupid words such as “whipped” or mock how a man or woman curves around the affectionate and secure needs of their partner, but unless you have been there to actually experience the gateway of emotions one can experience when true love is felt, the people who mock these feelings are ignorant. Then again, ignorant is our society for the most part.

The negative aspect of love

Love isn’t all positive, on the opposite side of love is hate, and it is responsible for the darkest pains imaginable. The betrayal of love, the destruction of loyalty, lets face is, love enables the most powerful positive and negative elements of emotion.

The claim that love and hate are so closely related comes with a solid truth behind it because they are both so similar. When you can love someone for everything that they are it opens the window to hate them if they choose to take themselves away from you. This isn’t to say that all relationships should work, it’s simply marking the idea of how love and hate work with one another.

Love, never valued fully until it is lost

Many of us have tales to tell about love, and the painful reminder that none of us knew how special love truly was until the connection was abused and eventually lost. Its human error, it’s the fact that we don’t know how to appreciate something the way that it’s meant to be appreciated until it is far too late. We never know what we have until it falls beyond our grasp.

Love is often realized for everything it is meant to be after it has made a fatal turn. Once love takes the turn down a destructive path there is rarely an opportunity to save it. The love becomes a memory, a missed past time that emotionally drains and punishes the people it involves.

Cinematic portrayal of love

When I think about accurate love stories I think about “Love Actually” most. I still recall when I was 16 or so I went off to Blockbuster, rented this title, snuck it in my house, and watched it alone in my room. Goes to show you some sad factors, a guy watching a romance being deemed “wrong” or “awkward” in my home just goes to show you how love isn’t quite accepted as it should be. What is meant to be a beautiful thing is often associated with weakness or vulnerability.

Anyway, Love Actually is a great story because it takes so many different lives and perspective of love and shows how it interacts with life. It shows all the vulnerabilities involved with falling in love, how the emotions can drive us to feel such intense feelings: desperation, a need to be cared for, the feeling of affection, the value of having someone there, and the chase involved with showing the other person that you care so deeply.

Fast forward a bit in the cinematic world and we get hit with the movie “The Notebook”, which in my opinion sucks. I didn’t like it, I found the story to be stupid, the ending to be horrid, and while it is given a lot of attention for being an ‘epic’ romantic story, I don’t see it. You have a half-assed relationship in which the man runs all over chasing this woman who can’t make up her damn mind for herself, and then the end the guy subjects himself to telling the story of how they cared about each other on a routine basis to this old fossil who can’t remember what she had for breakfast. The acting is solid, but the realism behind it is ridiculous.

The Notebook sucks, big thumbs down.

Love Actually tells the story of romance from multiple points of view, even from the little child point of view (Thomas Sangster, Game of Thrones) and shows the value of love and guidance. Hell, even Lliam Neeson from Taken is in it.

The truth

I guess inside all of this rant I question why love went from something that held such strength and pride, to something that is almost viewed in a negative light in todays society. It really is almost viewed like it is a weakness, but in the same sense it is a feeling that has driven people to accomplish incredible things, it has driven people to kill, yet it is a feeling that people have a really hard time understanding and essentially, believing.

Like it or not in one form or another we all seek love, we all want to feel accepted and cared for, and the fact is, there should be no weakness involved with it. Love is a bond that is shared with a very select few, family, a special person we let into our hearts, and our children. Outside of that love is a very rare emotion, so rather then feeling so ashamed to show it, ashamed to feel it, be proud of it again.

Love is something that can completely craft an individual’s world, and within the same day it can cripple their ability to process everything around them. Love is a feeling that enables the ability to accomplish anything, see it for what it is. People need to stop hating what can turn someone’s entire world around.


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